Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds With Battery Pack

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  • $144.99
  • Save $100


What if we told you that it’s possible to live in a world where you can listen to all of your favorite music while moving around without annoying cables getting in your way? Well, thanks to the best Bluetooth earbuds, that dream is now a reality.

One issue that any pair of wireless earbuds is going to run into is the requirement for a battery. How do you fit a battery in that smaller package? 

Luckily, we have the solution. This new and improved wireless bluetooth earbud set comes with its own easy to carry battery pack. 

This latest technology makes truly wireless Earbuds possible, which completely sets you free from cable mess. No more noise when you move, no more cords stuck on you neck even when you sweat.


  • With a switch in the dock, you can control when to charge the earbuds 
  • The charging case is also a portable designed case, quite convenient while you are out or traveling 
  • Offers a full charge for the earbuds
  • Supports 3 times recharge for the earbuds as long as the dock is with full charge. 


  • Comfortable Fit
  • Amazing Value
  • Great Battery Life
  • Great Build Quality

Skip the struggle of a tangled headphone cord and stop worrying about misplacing that pesky Lightning dongle for your Phone. These wireless earbuds are the best you can buy, and they're compatible with all of your most beloved devices.

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