Reusable Slime Keyboard Cleaner

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Your keyboard is an important part of your computer and it is bound to get dirty and even oily too. To clean it, there's no need to use a blower and any other harsh cleaning chemicals. All you need is this Reusable Slime Keyboard Cleaner.

This toxic-free slime cleaner can grab dirt, dust, and even grime hiding underneath your keycaps. Simply knead the slime for several minutes to give it the right consistency for effective cleaning. You can use it over and over again until its original color turns into a darker shade.


  • Toxic-free and safe to use
  • Reusable slime cleaner
  • Best for keyboards, air vents, and more
  • Easy to use

Aside from cleaning keyboards, you can also use this slime cleaner for any items that you could think of! You can use it to clean your car's dashboard, air vents, remote and more.


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