12 Pack - 24 Hour Coverage Perfect Matte Lip Gloss

12 Pack - 24 Hour Coverage Perfect Matte Lip Gloss

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Hottest Item Of The Year: Getting Fuller Lips Has Never Been Easier

Do you wish you could have fuller lips, instantly without paying $1000s on surgery?
Having plump, fuller, and soft lips with the perfect matte lipstick has become a norm in the beauty industry, and celebrities all over the world make sure their lips are perfect at all time. Others have spent $1000s on surgery, but never really got the best results, and some people have been left with scars. 
24-Hour Coverage. Zero Smudging. Transfer-Free. Waterproof. Works Instantly.
We teamed up with celebrity partners, and cosmetic gurus to research all the new lip wear trends, including the Kylie Lip Kit and MAC Cosmetics to find a lipstick that can do it all, and we didn’t find one that provided a full satisfaction to our users because most of them weren’t happy with the results they were getting. Fortunately that wasn’t the case anymore when we came across the new 12 Pack Matte Lip Gloss Set!


  • 24 Hour Coverage
  • Get Fuller Lips Instantly
  • Simple Application
  • Long-Lasting
  • Zeno Smudging