Mini RC Helicopter Drone

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Are you someone who loves to have fun? The helicopter drone is sure to entertain all, whether you are the beginner or the seasoned veteran at flying drones. Make quick movements and soar through the sky.

The drone, as the next step up from a mini quadcopter, features greater control, more power, better elevation. More importantly, it is safer since the 6 motors are 60 degrees apart - if one of them die accidentally, the rest can still keep the aerial robot in balance and fly as usual. The operation is simplified for beginners, they can steer by ignoring the orientation, recall the drone to the home point, and even make it perform an impressive air show.


● Safer, with greater power, faster speed than the commonly seen quadcopter
● Headless Mode, which allows you to pilot the drone to whatever direction you want
● One Key Return enables the quadcopter to return home as soon as you recall it
● Spectacular 3D aerobatics of rolling automatically carried out by the UAV
● Super bright LED lights improve the visibility and safety for flying at night


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