Electric Fly Trap Device with Trapping Food Pest Control

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Electric Fly Trap Device

Drive away mosquitoes in a new safe&clean way, no harm to your health. Extremely Effective and a safe, hygienic and chemical free way to get rid of flies, mosquitoes and unwanted insects. Anti-shock and crush resistant. Easy to use.

High-quality plastic material, non-toxic and safe. Anti-shock and crush resistant, don't worry it will broken in daily use.

The flies and mosquito will be attracted by Trapping Food, and when they fly to the device , the fan devices equipped in the lamp will suck mosquitoes into the lamp. Efficiency to any small flying insects.

This mosquito trap can be powered by any USB devices such as computer, laptop, power band, USB adapter and so on. 5V working voltage ensures safe to touch and energy-saving.

No chemical, nontoxic and no odor, the flies mosquito killer device adopts safe and healthy physical way to kill flies mosquito. Say good bye to traditional and harmful insect repellent and spray.

Take the trap box out directly, you can pour out the dead mosquito, very convenient for you to clean.

Sleek and efficient design

Sally J. - June 5, 2018
We keep our backdoor open most of the time for our cats to come in and out, and though we have one of the hanging screens, bugs still slip through. I bought this to put in the laundry room adjacent to the backdoor.

Works great!

Jen - June 10, 2018
I never expected that this kind of cheap mosquito killer works so efficiently. I choose this one mainly because of it kill the bug or mosquito in a natural way, not like the electrical one which gives burning body smell....This one will attracts mosquitoes around and get them sucked into the trap, and get them starved.


Elliot - May 10, 2018
I placed it on the little table in the tent while traveling last week and both me and my daughter did not feel any mosquitoes flying around even with the door of the tent opened. I would like to purchase another one for my nephew, like it!