Automatic Rotating Curler

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Automatic Rotating Curler


Every girl dreams of curls and even curly girls want different types of curls!  Curls aren’t just one size. They’re huge and voluptuous, small and tight, loose and beachy or simply kinky. So whether you’re blessed with a head full of spiral-shape curls or if you were born with dead straight hair with not a curl in sight, you’ll want to know how to transform your tresses into the curls you really want.

Rotate your way to perfect waves with our Automatic Rotating Curler. With a L/R button, the Rotating Curler is so easy to use.  This ceramic, rotating curling iron provides easy, quality waves in minutes!


This Automatic Rotating Curler makes it easy to get natural-looking curls, because it's made to rotate in either direction. It also has a high/low temperature switch, allowing you stay in control.

It utilizes ceramic construction to minimize friction, and it allows you to effortlessly create three different curl types: curls, waves, and glam waves. This way, it's kind of like three curling irons in one, with a variety of styles available to you from just one iron.

Benefits of a Rotating Curling Iron

The benefits of a rotating curling iron include smooth, natural looking curls rather than very “set” curls such as those you get when using a regular rotating iron.  That’s because you can adjust the rotating curling iron to the rotating mechanism. 

Rotating curling irons are good for different types of hair styles, such as tight curls, loose curls, bigger, loopier curls or gentle waves.  You just need to get used to letting them do the work for you.  One final big benefit is there’s noticeably less wrist ache as you just hold the iron in place while it controls itself.


  • Always use your rotating curling iron on dry hair.
  • Never go over and over the same section of hair.
  • Avoid over-use, once or twice a week is sufficient.
  • Always use the right temperature setting for your hair type.
  • Be careful of fingers and scalp, hot rotating curling irons reach high temperatures and can burn.
  • Never rest it on a flammable surface.
  • Always switch off after use and store safely, once it has cooled down.
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