6Pcs Beverage Snap On Lid

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Have you ever found yourself throwing full drinks away? There is so much wasted just because there is no way to open/close a can as many times as you want.

There is no need to worry about wasting beverages at picnics, parties or any social events. With this new innovative snap on lid, all your worries are gone!

It keeps the soda in the can, keeps foreign objects like bugs out and it will keep your drink fresh. Keep your can with you, wherever you roam without the inconvenience of soda sloshing out and losing its fizz.

Once the Snap on Lid is on a can, you can open and close it as many times as you want. Re-closable and reusable. With the different colors offered, the Snap on Lid works great as a can identifier, so worry not about confusing your drink with other people's drinks. 


  • Turns your favorite canned drink into a bottle.

  • Can be reused, just wash and simply snap onto another can.

  • Reduce the possibility of unwanted insects crawling into your drink.

  • Travel with your canned drink and don't worry about spilling out.

  • Cans of soda do not leak.

  • The snap on lids are an excellent way to prevent spilling when you are drinking soda at picnics.

  • Snap on lids come in a wide variety of colors. Each person chooses a color, ensuring cans won’t be mixed up between people.


  • 6 Pcs (Random Color) Snap on Lids

We have a limited supply, so hurry and get yours now!