10 Pcs Squishy Charm

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Our super cute and super fun squishies are adorable to look at and super nice and soft to touch. You can squeeze them, squish them and roll them, they sure pack a lot of fun! These squishy charms are made of quality foam and are designed to release your heavy stress. They give a soft, relaxing tactile feel when you squeeze them. The best thing about them is they actually smell like the charm. For example if you get a banana squishy it will smell like banana! They can be used as birthday gifts, decoration for DIY crafts, squishy collection, and more.

Squeezing these super cute squishies helps relieve stress they can be great fidget toys or decompression toys. They are small enough to hide in your pocket and fidget with.


This adorable squeeze toy makes a perfect birthday gift, display sample, collection, interior decoration, preschool props, finger/hand rehabilitation training tool and a keychain charm. It's also great for enjoying game time and spending quality time with your family and friends.


Our stress relieving squishy toys may aid in minimizing fidgeting, Anxiety, ADHD, Autism and other attention disorder issues or mannerisms. It's also a nice gift to anyone, especially for busy or stressed individuals and people with mannerisms.


This is your cute alternative to an ordinary squeeze ball. Give it a big squeeze and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how soft it is and how this charming unicorn squeeze toy smells (depending on the charm you receive = the smell it will have). Perfect for students, stressed workers and strained individuals looking for a quick break.


These delectable squishy toys are so cute to look at and feel nice and soft to touch. You can squeeze it, squish it and roll it, it's loads of fun either way!